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Colors Group Inc. is your painter in West Palm Beach, FL

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Let us install or remove drywall in your West Palm Beach home

Are you searching for a cheap and fast way to reinvigorate your home? Try interior painting! You can change the whole aesthetic of your home with the swipe of a brush when you trust Colors Group Inc to finish your home's interior. Colors Group Inc specializes in:

  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Drywall work
Don't spend days repainting your home when Colors Group Inc could finish the job much faster. Call us today at 561-762-6303 and let us know about your interior painting project.

You can change up the floor plan of your home easily with drywall installation or removal. To add privacy, you can add a wall; to make your home look bigger, remove a wall. Need drywall advice? Call the folks at Colors Group Inc for more information.